A new era

After eleven years at Spots, we've decided it's time to move on and are putting the business up for sale. We've had a wonderful time running Southwold Post Office and have learnt a great deal, including that fact that it requires a lot of energy and commitment to keep on top of things. We're not short on energy or commitment but we've probably got a little less than we had eleven years ago!  With another nine years left to run on our lease, we'd like to give somebody else the opportunity to put their own stamp on the business for the remaining years.

Rumours will no doubt abound that the Post Office is closing but that's simply not true.  We are selling the Post Office and shop as a going concern.   Although any new owner will almost certainly make some changes, the business will essentially remain the same - just without Guy and Sarah behind the counter.  The rest of the team will still be here.

The business is being marketed by Humberstones, who specialise in selling Post Offices and will be able to talk to any interested buyers. Meanwhile we'll be here until the right person comes along.  After that we'll still be in Southwold as we will be continuing to run High Tide along with Wave, our new greetings card venture in nearby Bungay.